Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Apple A Day...the GLAMOROUS way

Why exactly does an apple a day keep the doctor away? 
The Look: Betsy Johnson EarringsWhats With The Cattitude Nail Polish,Heart Ring
(Plus, I'm really into this acid wash jean vest). 

I've grown up eating apples, but never realized what an aid they've been to my body. Through my research i've discovered that apples not only whiten and strengthen teeth, but they also help prevent different types of cancer (colon, breast, liver, and lung), lower chances of asthma, and can even help with weight lost. That's only tapping the surface! 

When I pick out an apple, i'm very picky. Shiny red apples look appealing in pictures, but for my personal taste, they're too sour. I go for the reddish/orangish apples. My favorite kind of apples are Gala Apples, they have that perfect sweet, juicy, natural taste. 
                    Eat an apple today!

Try this with your apple:

All Natural Peanut Butter

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Careless Summer Days

Recently my friend Leah Sostman created a photo-shoot. She designed the entire look of the shoot and we were her models. I love this shoot because it embodies a perfect summer day: carefree, pure, and country fresh. The combat boots are a plus, adding that feisty edge we all love to have. 

Leah's dress on the left is a wedding dress from the 1930's from Cheap Thrills.

My Dress: Dolce Vita

Photographed by Nicholas Horton and Whitley Pollet

Summer Salad

           It's something light and colorful is exactly what my body needs before it stays up all hours of the nights gazing at the stars and pool hopping.
        When creating a summer salad it is important to remember the more colorful, the better! The color is not only appeasing to the eye (which we know here to be necessary), but the different colored fruits and veggies carry different nutrients that our bodies need!

Yesterday I made this salad. (The picture could have been better but I had to hurry and snap it with my phone before my hunger devoured the salad).

Red Leaf Lettuce
Mozzarella Cheese (easy trick: buy sting cheese. Instead of ripping the cheese vertical, cut it horizontal, it makes delicious mozzarella bites)!
Balsamic Vinaigrette 

The amount of each ingredient is up to your specific desire. Easy to make and delicious to taste!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This summer I have enjoyed discovering hidden treasures in my city (hence my last post). But sometimes I need that extra incentive to explore my city, and out of town guests are what usually give me that. I love rediscovering my town through visitors eyes. In these past two weeks a new desire for crepes has developed. I went to a great crêpes café in down town St. Louis called  Rooster and tried a 3 cheese crêpe. Today I went to Crepes, Etc. and split a nutella crêpe and a mozzarella/tomato/basil crêpe with my sister.

This place served Illy Coffee. I had never heard of this kind of coffee before (I'm usually a Starbucks kind of girl), but I definitely approved of this coffee, it had a high quality to it. 

So go out, try some crêpes (or make them, I think i'll try that and keep you updated), and explore your city!